Milan - San Vito Lo Capo

Valeria Di Sabato aka Alvax is an international sound designer

sound artist and media artist.

Based in Sicily and Milan.

She started to delve into sounds at a young age learning the basics of daws and producing electronic music on her computer.

Fascinated by the sounds surrounding her life she went

to study Sound Design in Milan.

During this period she performed her music at “La Triennale” of Milan,

at Leoncavallo and in other festivals.

She also did media installations at (T)Raum Space in Milan, in Trapani

and Berlin at Errant Sound Project Space.

She loves to combine in her productions, sensors, hydrophones

and granular synthesis.


Working with many international artists in the audio field like Bill Fontana

 gave her new ideas and ways to approach audio recording.

She is also part of Piano9Produzioni movie company based in Italy as sound designer.

She has been a participant for the TTT Conference in Art and Science in Vienna

with her audiovisual screening and research

“Agnus Dei_beyond the faith”

She released her first Ep ,in 2021, "I'm Not (In) My Body Anymore"

with the Italian Label Pitch The Noise 

available in all the digital music platforms

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Performance & Sound Installations :


° 4 March 2022_ Dj-Set @ Presine Volanti, Milan


° 25 April 2021_Online Sunday Jam for MicroMusic Italy




° 14 December 2019_Agnus dei @Errant Sound, Berlin


° 12 October 2019_Collective Art Shown “Com’è profondo il mare”@Spazio Pubblicità Trapani - audiovisual screening 


° 12 -28 October 2018_Sound Art composition for “ La macchina smontabile" – Studio 02, Cremona, a cura di Emanuele Tira


° 31 October 2017_live electronics for the event “ The dark side of the moon” @ Triennale Cadorna, Milan


°23 October 2016_audiovisual installation “Frag_mented Underwater” @ T)Raum Sound Art space in Milan. 


°16 October 2016_Rhapsody in Duo with Roberta Busechian @Ex Galleria Melepere, Verona

Live electronics


°June 2013_#HumanWare_Live performance, original music production and live performance for the multimedia installation performance in Milan 

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Mobile: +39 3345764490